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The Kindred Clothing Co. is a design studio located in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. Our studio/boutique is the headquarters for our premier line, Little & Lively, a children's clothing line offering high-quality, stylish garments for your little darlings. We are launching a full women's line this Fall offering fashion-conscious, functional pieces that coordinate with our Little & Lively line for subtly complimentary and totally matching 'mommy & me' looks. 

The Kindred Clothing Co. was literally and figuratively built around the concept of family. Since we launched our main clothing line, Little & Lively, about two years ago, we have been a family-run business, creating clothing with family life in mind. 

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We've structured our business around our family with the intention of maintaining a healthy balance between work and family. All our creations have a carefree, effortless style, designed with your lovely, wonderful and playful families in mind.

We make clothes for all the messes, embraces, games, practices, tantrums, coffee dates, shopping trips, daycare days, playground outings and random experiences of everyday life.

We are The Kindred Clothing Co.
My name is Carmen West and I'm the designer behind the brand Little & Lively and the owner of this company. My husband, Jordan, and I are the dream team behind this business. I only say 'dream team' because Jordan's skills & strengths tend to be most of my weaknesses (and vise-versa) so, combined, we make a pretty complimentary team!
We have two daughters, Daphne and Wynnie. We started making baby clothes when Daphne was just a baby. I had been hunting for locally-made baby leggings that had adequate room for cloth diapers. When I wasn't finding what I wanted, I decided to create my own. Over the course of the last couple of years, each of my carefully crafted designs have been born out of my determination to find something perfectly suited for a specific function or style.
Our goal is to create high-quality garments that are versatile, on-trend and will make your friends jealous (or at least as you where you got them)!

Everything we offer is made locally, right here in Abbotsford, our hometown.

We love to collaborate and work with other local businesses. If you have any questions or if you are interested in working together, we'd love to hear from you!

 The Kindred Clothing Co

2615 Montrose Ave

Abbotsford BC V2S 3T5