Child Size Non-Medical Mask | Picnic Floral
Child Size Non-Medical Mask | Picnic Floral
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    Child Size Non-Medical Mask | Picnic Floral


      Limit 6 non-medical masks (total) per household.

      Not for re-sale.

      During the current crisis situation, we have looked for various ways that we, as a business, can help. Like many others in the textile and manufacturing industries, we have decided to produce non-medical masks.

      Masks have proven to slow the spread of COVID-19. We also suspect that over the span of the next couple of months, wearing masks will be very normalized as restrictions are lifted and the population is gradually able to socialize again. If that happens, you may want to have some masks on hand.

      For safety reasons, child-size masks are only recommended for children old enough to understand and remove the mask on their own (approximate fit 4yrs-10yrs).

      These non-medical fabric masks have been created as per the CDC recommendations. They are non-medical and to be used responsibly in conjunction with social distancing measures.


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