Personalized Shirt FAQ’s 



1. We will not be allowing any edits after you have placed your order. So we urge you to plan ahead, be extremely careful and double-check your details before checkout.

2. Multiple words and letters with accents are okay. 14 characters max.

3. You will be able to choose either script or block font.

4. We need at least one month to produce all the custom orders before we start shipping them out. 

5. Any other items purchased in the same order as a Personalized Shirt order will be held until Personalized Shirts are completed and the order can ship in full. If you would like to receive the other items before December, please put them in a separate order. 



Do we need to worry about these shirts selling out? Or will they be unlimited?


They will be ‘while supplies last’, but we don’t expect to sell out of sizes very easily. We are limited to the number of blank shirts we have pre-planned to manufacture for Personalized Shirts. We have planned on making a lot, so we don’t foresee any issues (but we’ve been surprised before)! Due to multiple factors, we won’t be able to manage a rush re-order to top up inventory if we run out before this offer has ended. So even though the inventory is a fixed amount, we have made a lot, so we will hopefully be okay! 👌🏻



Can I change the Font Colour?


You won't be able to change the colour of font. The only one that you will have a chance to change the colour will be Charcoal Pullovers (which we have historically offered Gold or White).  For the sake of planning ahead, here's the low-down: we are going to offer White writing on Papaya, Charcoal and Black shirts, Gold writing on Charcoal shirts and Black writing on Ash, Bronze and Mauve shirts!



Can I choose uppercase or lowercase letters?


Unfortunately due to limitations with the fonts (there are no uppercase letters in this script font and no lowercase letters in this block font) and to eliminate issues with customers not getting what they've expected, script lettering will be strictly all lowercase and block lettering will be strictly all uppercase.



What is the difference between ‘Adult Unisex’ and ‘Women’s’ shirts?


The 'Adult Unisex’ is a unisex cut with a ‘crew’ neckline. It looks awesome on men but it also looks amazing on women. The 'Women's' Pullover is specifically a more female cut with more of a ‘scoop’ neckline.



What should I put on my Personalized Shirt?


Most people choose names, but lots of people choose nicknames, last names or fun phrases! As long as you keep it within 14 characters (one line of text) anything goes! We can do accents too. Who knows, maybe you want to write something to memorialize our quarantine experiences like 'I stayed home' or 'homebody'!