Since Easter egg hunts and gatherings of all kinds are cancelled this weekend, we decided to spread a little bit of fun with a contact-less Easter egg hunt on our newly re-designed website!

Take a look at our website! We’ve refreshed the design and we’ve actually hidden little ‘Easter Egg’ discount codes throughout its for you to find.

So look high and low - they could be hidden anywhere, on any of the pages! There is a range of ‘% off’ codes - each one will take a percentage off your order total (minus graphic shirts). Graphic shirts are completely exempt from this offer.


You cannot combine more than one promo code per order.

Easter promo codes apply to everything except graphic shirts.

Orders over $100 (before taxes but after promo codes) qualify for free shipping within North America.

Easter Egg promo codes expire April 13th at midnight (PST).


Please allow more time then usual to fulfill your Easter orders. Running a promotion over a long weekend like this means that we will come back to a high volume of orders on Monday. Instead of our usual 1-5 business days, please anticipate about 2-10 business days.

Even though we are currently also running the ‘Wonderfully Made’ feature from our ‘One From the Vault’ series, you will not be able to apply both the $5 off promo code [WONDERFUL5] and an Easter promo code to the same order. Unfortunately, it is impossible - so you would have to choose either one or the other. We will not be making exceptions.