Personalized Shirts - Taking Orders April 28th - May 3rd (Shipping early June)

LIMITED TIME OFFER - We are only taking personalized shirt orders until May 3rd, midnight (PST). We will not be taking orders past the deadline. Please allow ONE MONTH turnaround time to complete your custom item. Your personalized shirts will be ready and shipped in early June. You will receive an email as soon as it ships or is ready for pick-up. If you order any other items with your Personalized Shirt order, they will all be held until the entire order is ready to ship together. (In other words, if you want your other non-custom items shipped earlier, please put them in a separate order).  

To Order: (Please read thoroughly before placing your order):

1. Select your size: *Use the measurement chart on each listing to find the correct size.*

2. Choose whether you would like SCRIPT or BLOCK lettering. Note: the script font is all lowercase and block font is all uppercase.

3. ***IMPORTANT*** Write the word you would like written on your pullover in the 'notes' section on this listing. You may choose any word(s) of your choice. (Max. 14 characters). Please know that the 'notes' section may not show up on your confirmation email, but rest assured, if you entered the information, we have it! If we have any questions about your order, we will follow up via email.

4. Please allow one month to complete your Personalized Shirt order. We will be shipping them in early June.

5. Any other items purchased in the same order as a Personalized Shirt order will be held until Personalized Shirts are completed and the order can ship in full. If you would like to receive the other items before June, please put them in a separate order.

Read our Personalized Shirt FAQ's


Important! Please note that in listings that contain both child and youth sizes, the price for the youth sizes (7/8 - 13-14) is higher than the baby/child size price that is displayed. The correct youth price will appear after you have added it to your cart. The prices in your cart will match the correct prices previously advertised for this campaign. We are sorry for the confusion!

Personalized Shirts - Taking Orders April 28th - May 3rd (Shipping early June)