Limit 6 non-medical masks per household.

Price is our cost without markup. These are not eligible for re-sale.


During the current crisis situation, we have looked for various ways that we, as a business, can help. Like many others in the textile and manufacturing industries, we have decided to produce non-medical masks.

The CDC has already recommended that, if you absolutely must leave your home, it is beneficial to be wearing a mask. Masks have proven to slow the spread of COVID-19. We also suspect that over the span of the next couple of months, wearing masks will be very normalized as restrictions are lifted and the population is gradually able to socialize again. If that happens, you may want to have some masks on hand.

We decided to produce some cheerful, super-soft masks out of our beautiful SOL Collection fabrics and make them as accessible and affordable to the public as possible! That is why we are offering them at cost with zero mark-ups. Our objective is just to get these into in as many people’s hands as possible. We encourage giving them away as gifts, but please do not purchase them with the intent to re-sell.

It is still highly recommended that children remain at home when you are running essential errands, so the child-size masks may not be needed yet. But if your children are like mine, they love copying and wearing whatever mommy and daddy does. The child-size masks can be a fun and valuable teaching tool for explaining why we must not touch our faces and we should cover our nose and mouth to protect others. Also, child-size masks may come in handy once some restrictions are lifted. Child size masks are only recommended for children old enough to understand and remove the mask on their own (approximate fit 4yrs-10yrs).

These non-medical fabric masks have been created as per the CDC recommendations. They are non-medical and to be used responsibly in conjunction with social distancing measures and are intended for civilian use only.

Some of you have asked if we can ship via untracked Lettermail. It is currently our policy to never ship anything via Lettermail because things tend to get lost - untracked Lettermail has caused us a lot of complications in the past. However, in an effort to get these into your hands as cheaply as possible, we have created a temporary workaround that we will be testing on a trial basis. While we have masks in stock, we will be offering untracked Lettermail as a shipping option for orders $22 or less. Anything more than that would likely exceed the minimum thickness and weight restrictions for Lettermail so tracked shipping would be needed. When choosing untracked Lettermail, the purchaser assumes the risk and Little & Lively will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen packages.

Mask FAQ's

Do they have a pocket for a filter?

No, they are simple, double layer masks, made out of super soft bamboo/cotton jersey fabric. Designed as per the CDC recommendations and only recommended for civilian use. 

Why is Peach Unavailable?

All the Peach Fabric we had ordered to produce our SOL collection is now used up.

What size does 'Child' fit?

Approximately age 4-10.

Non-Medical Masks