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Wild Bird Party

Wild Bird Tropical Party
For the wild-at-heart.

Celebrating My Wild Bird Turning Two

A while back we got to celebrate our Wynnie's second birthday and I wanted to create a party that suited her fun-loving personality. When her big sister suggested a flamingo party, I knew it had to happen. Wynnie is a happy-go-lucky little girl - fun, colourful, wild and adorable, just like a flamingo!
Easiest / Best DIY I Discovered
A friend suggested I order a blank cake from a local bakery and decorated it myself. I love decorating cakes but the thought of making a perfectly round, layered cake terrifies me. So the blank cake was the perfect stress-free canvas for my creativity. A sprinkle mix from Dainty Sprinkle Co and a few flamingos & flowers from the craft store and I had nailed it.
The Best Accessory
Every year, I make a point of either making or ordering a special floral crown for each of my daughter's birthday parties. This one was simply two oversize faux flowers attached to a headband. I'm still amazed Wynnie kept this on her head for the duration of all these photos! If you are looking for amazing floral crowns to order, check out Vintage Meadow Florals.
All Great Parties Have A Special Visitor
Big sis had recently been to several birthday parties that included a visit from a princess, or character associated with the party theme. Therefore, she assumed a special visitor was a must. When it came to planning Wynnie's flamingo party, she decided to take it upon herself to be the flamingo. We helped her out a little with the costume... she did the rest.
Desserts That Are Pretty
It was surprisingly easy to create a whimsical all-pink dessert table. I find that nearly all pink foods are delicious. My favourite dessert was these home-made cake pops (not made by me). If you are interested in the contact info for the girl that makes these, send me an email! These cake pops were a huge hit with all of our guests too!
Finding Inspiration
It probably doesn't come as a surprise to you that this birthday party sparked the inspiration behind our 'Wild Bird' Pullover we launched with our SS18 collection. I would have loved to have had it ready for this party, but at the time, our pink fabric was still in transit.
Wild Bird Pullover
Our 'Wild Bird' Pullover features a collaboration graphic that includes a pair of hand-rendered stylized flamingos by local artist, Jess Delves. Made out of super soft pre-shrunk cotton jersey, these long-ling shirts will showcase your little girl's wild and sweet personality!

All For Love
I know I sometimes go a little over-the-top with our girlies' birthday parties but I can't help myself. It is truly one of my passions. I know my kids would be happy with any party, whether simple or extravagant. And I know they certainly don't equate the quality of the party decor with my level of love for them. But I kind of hope that someday they'll look at these photos and notice the love that I poured into each detail.
Even if they don't, I sure had fun planning it!

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